A little about Bengal Cats

Being one of the most charming and stunning cat breeds, the Bengal cat is thought of as “wild cat” by many but they are a completely domestic breed of cat that are adored by breeders and pet owners alike.

Bengal cats are a hybrid cat that is derived from the Asian Leopard Cat and are a result of years of selective crossbreeding techniques. Jean Mill of United States developed Bengals in 1970s. They are very friendly, active, intelligent, and alert by nature with an exotic look of their wild ancestor. They have a combination of spots and rosettes that are distinctive to the breed. There are also marbled patterns (aka. classic pattern) as well as several color variations. These cats are stunning to look at, with their rosetted wildcat markings, huge oval eyes, pelted and glittered coats. Bengals should have a muscular build with males weighing up to thirteen to fifteen pounds and females weighing up to eight to twelve pounds on the average. It is not unusual for these clever kitties to learn how to open doors, cupboards and windows. They love water and some enjoy playing in water dishes, bathtubs and kiddie pools. They also enjoy being taken for walks on a leash, once they have been trained to it. Bengals are also good with other pets, including dogs

These cats are not suitable for everyone. They need lots and lots of attention and stimulation from their owners. They generally suit experienced cat owners who are prepared to keep plenty of toys and play with them every day – the more stimulation, the better. Bengal cats thrive in lively, energetic environments where there are lots of different activities going on all the time.